Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance

    We specialize in manual testing, performance testing, automation engineering, compatibility testing, and continuous integration ensuring your software or app is functioning properly before releasing it out to the world.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance (QA) is the process of ensuring that a software application or product meets certain standards of quality, reliability, usability, performance, and security before it is released to the market. QA is an essential step in the software development process and is performed to identify and fix defects or issues that can impact the user experience.

As a QA specialist

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Automation engineering

As a QA specialist, Pietech Labs offers a range of services to you and ensures software or apps meet these quality standards. Manual testing involves using a human tester to check the software or app's functionality, usability, and performance, while performance testing involves measuring the software's response time, resource usage, and other factors under simulated load conditions.

QA services Pietech Labs

Automation engineering involves developing and running automated tests that can quickly and efficiently test the software or app's functionality, compatibility testing involves testing the software or app on different devices, platforms, or browsers to ensure that it works correctly, and continuous integration involves testing and verifying code changes as they are made to ensure that they do not introduce new bugs or issues.

Quality Assurance

By providing these levels of QA services Pietech Labs improves the quality of the software or app, reduces the risk of defects, and ensures a better user experience for the customers.

We ensure quality by 

 Functional Testing

Regression Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing 

Usability Testing

Accessibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Content Testing


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